Osiris Indriya Break On Through (Remastered)

Release Date: June 7, 2018

Epic Uplifting Journeys with Momentum and Melody

Osiris Indriya’s first EP and second release was originally self-published in 2012. Break On Through follows the thread of his previous album, Reach Within, presenting more songs created for ritualistic theater and dance performances at the Oracle Gatherings, a series of 23 legendary arts and culture events in the Pacific Northwest. This EP starts with “Archer,” a high energy progressive trance masterpiece that builds into an emotional bliss, bringing surprising softness and drama before dropping back into a pulsating driving rhythm. Next, “Gifted” drops the tempo into a warmer world of heart and space. The namesake of the EP and final track, “Break On Through,” tells the intimate tale of overcoming the deep abyss of darkness and despair to be reborn into the light of love. This fully remastered release brings extends the definitions and clarity of the original, inviting you to remember to listen to the deeper things.


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