Michael Maricle Tree People EP

Michael Maricle "Tree People EP" - BLESSEP001

Release Date: March 31, 2016

A gifted improvisational pianist, Michael Maricle composes music with the intent to create beauty.

The Tree People EP is no exception. With this collection of songs, Michael Maricle conveys the beauty and wonder of viewing a wondrous world from the ground up into the sky. Imagine mysterious beings living in tall old growth trees that extend miles into the heavens. And what wonders are up there? Perhaps a brilliant fiery meteor streaks by in the evening sky, or perhaps one climbs high enough to be among the clouds, floating around in wonder at the beauty all around. Relaxing and moving, Tree People is a mini Universe of magic and meaning inviting you to uplift your gaze and ascend to new heights.

Cover photography by Omar Riverstone


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